DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON 2020 Our 21st Year

All of the below goddess images were photos taken of street art from around the world.

"Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals."

-from the Charge of the Goddess


1. All participants will need to prepay on the website. No paying at the door.  We have available a maximum of 70  adult tickets, the first 70 who pay get their spots reserved. Once all spots are reserved, the link to registration will be deleted. To have your name added to the waiting list email us. No refunds, but you may transfer your ticket to another person in case of emergency.


2. We are going allow small scale vending this year. Handmade items only, and they can be placed on a single table at assigned times to vend. Each vendor may fill one small cafeteria tray full of items, but items can be switched out. We ask each vendor to donate one item to our raffle.


3. ONLY infants under the age of 1 are permitted. No one under 13 permitted otherwise. Only those over 18 will be allowed to camp on the loud side, this rules is firm and we don't make exceptions.


3. You will have to store your own snacks. The site doesn't have enough space in the refrigerators. But there is an endless supply of free ice.


4. Each dorm room should be cleaned, swept, mopped and the garbage taken out before you leave. There will be a check-out sheet to be turned in at the registration desk.


5. Everyone in each dorm is responsible for the cleaning of the bathroom. Sweep, mop, wipe down counters and take out the garbage.


6. WE ARE ALL GODDESSES AND WE EXPECT EVERYONE TO ACT AS SUCH. Help out if you see someone needs it.


7. Do not drop cigarette butts or anything on the ground. Please use the proper receptacle or risk being turned into a toad! We will have designated outdoor smoking areas.


8. ALL food items need to be properly disposed of in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster. We've had problems with animals scavenging.


9. Anyone who identifies as a woman and presents as such is welcome! This is a trans/non-binary inclusive community, we welcome ALL women!  All ages (over 13), all sizes, all orientations, all paths of life. No intolerance will be accepted!






Please join our Facebook Group!     Contact us: staff@daughtersofthemoonretreat.com